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A New Affordable, Clear Aligner Option

Clear aligners are a safe and gentle alternative to braces for adults of all ages, children, and teens who want straighter teeth without the discomfort, inconvenience, and stigma of braces. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are plastic. They gently guide teeth into the desired position without wires, rubber bands, or retainers.

As an established practice in cosmetic and family dentistry, our team at Centerton Orthodontics understands the stigma surrounding crooked teeth and braces. Many people in our Pittsgrove, NJ, community hide their smiles or avoid getting orthodontic treatment because they are afraid of what their friends, family, classmates, or coworkers would say.

We provide the latest technology and know-how to ensure our patients leave our office more confident than when they came in.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

When you start the process of getting clear aligners, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Using the impression, the dentist will create a set of custom aligners. Each aligner in the series will bring your teeth one step closer to the alignment you desire.

During treatment, you will wear the aligners for up to 22 hours per day, generally removing them only to eat. They require more commitment than braces because they must be on nearly all the time. However, many who choose clear aligners find that the advantages are worth the extra effort.

The cost of the treatment process and the number of aligners will depend on the severity of the misalignment. You will be able to discuss how many aligners you will need, how long treatment might last, and how much treatment will likely cost.

Why Choose Clear Aligners Instead of Braces in Pittsgrove, NJ?

A prominent advantage of custom clear aligners is that people are unlikely to notice them in social or business situations. High school or college students with active social lives or adults worried about their self-presentation in their careers often appreciate being able to straighten their teeth discreetly.

You can remove clear aligners whenever you need to eat, brush your teeth, or for any other reason. As long as you keep them on for the required length of time each day, they will retain their effectiveness. Because the aligners are out when you eat, you do not have to avoid certain foods as you would with braces.

Although every patient’s experience is unique, many experiences less pain with clear aligners than with braces. Patients typically feel some discomfort when progressing to a new aligner, but the pain often goes away.

For Discreet, Safe Teeth Straightening in Pittsgrove, NJ, Get Custom Aligners From Centerton Orthodontics

At Centerton Orthodontics in Pittsgrove, NJ, we want every patient to have a wide range of options for their dental care, including orthodontic devices and other teeth-straightening appliances.

To learn more about clear aligners and discuss why they might be the best choice for you or your child, call us at (856) 358-6800. Speak to a compassionate and knowledgeable dentist about starting clear aligner treatment today.

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