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CentertonOrthodontics is the top rated office for all your traditional braces and Invisalign needs in the area.

Having problems with your crooked teeth can cause a lot of hassle
and stress in your day-to-day life, especially if you don’t address the issue promptly
and find a professional who does the job right the first time. Therefore, it is
essential to get any issues taken care of immediately. The professionals here
at Centerton Orthodontics are highly skilled and have all the tools and
know-how necessary to alleviate your pain and leave you with the dazzling and glowing
smile you deserve.

We understand that you have a lot of orthodontic practices to
choose from, which is why we strive to provide our comprehensive range of
services throughout South Jersey, including Carneys Point 08068. If you live in the
area, then you can rest assured that we have a local office near you ready to provide
you with all the orthodontic treatment you and your family may need at your

At Centerton Orthodontics, we believe that quality of
service should be provided above all else. That is why we ensure that we are
flexible, capable of working with your schedule to provide you with the
convenience you need in your busy life. We understand that, when it comes to tooth
pain or any other ailment you are suffering from in your mouth, it becomes the top-priority
and you will want to get into our office as soon as possible. That’s why we make
it easy for you to schedule appointments with us at your earliest convenience.
This allows us to get you seen by our professionals in a timely manner, remedying
the issue before it gets out of hand and causes extensive pain or damage.

Our attention to quality extends far past customer service, however.
We use only the best tools and most innovative methods and techniques within our
practice. Dr. Steven Cohen is always keeping up to date with the most advanced
technologies and methods in the field, bringing patients only the safest and most
effective treatments. The field of medicine is always changing, developing, and
improving—which is why Dr. Steven Cohen is always on the lookout for the most
state-of-the-art advancements to utilize in his practice. It’s this dedication
to quality that can be attributed to all the patients leaving our practice with
healthy mouths and dazzling smiles.

At Centerton Orthodontics, you are not just another patient.
We understand that every individual who walks through the doors of our practice
has unique needs and expectations, and we treat them as such. Giving you the individual
time and attention to ensure that your needs are met, we ensure that each patient
gets exactly what they expect from us. Dr. Cohen gives everyone he sees the unique
treatment they deserve as well, taking the necessary time to perform all the “wire
bending” and cementing of appliances himself. Personally seeing to these
important tasks, Dr. Cohen oversees even the smallest details of his patients’ treatment
and care. This is how Dr. Cohen sets himself apart from other orthodontics in
the field, while also ensuring to get the best possible results with every patient
he sees.

Centerton Orthodontics can help you with all your orthodontic
needs, regardless of the complexity of the issue or the age of the patient. We are
here to help the whole family keep their smiles healthy throughout their
lives—including early, adolescent, and adult orthodontic services. The orthodontic
services we specialize in include braces and Invisalign. Having either of these
devices to help straighten teeth to give one a healthy, beautiful, and
perfectly aligned smile does require several trips into the orthodontist’s
office to adjust throughout the process. That’s why it’s wise to choose an
orthodontist you trust and who will listen to your concerns as you visit his
office throughout your treatment—fortunately, the search for such a practice
ends here!

We offer plenty of options for our clients when it comes to
braces, to help them get exactly the type of treatment that best fits their
lifestyle, needs, and expectations. We offer Harmony Custom Lingual Braces, as
well as Damon Braces, which are made using clear brackets, which provide results
that are both faster and more effective than traditional braces options offered
by other orthodontic practices.

Finally, for those who want a straight smile and stunning
teeth without the appearance of braces, Invisalign is another option we provide
for our patients at Centerton Orthodontics. This is an ideal orthodontic care
solution for both adults and teens who have teeth in need of straightening and
aligning. Invisalign is the invisible solution for those looking to get the
care that they need without having a treatment option that is visible.

For anyone unsure of how they are going to be able to afford
orthodontic treatment , you will be happy to know that we also provide payment plan
options for patients in South Jersey. Our Care Credit Patient Payment Plans come
with no down payment and no interest, making it easy for our patients to get
the treatment they need and deserve without worrying about the financial stress
it might bring to their lives.

When you call on Centerton Orthodontics in Carneys Point 08068, you can
rest assure that you are working with a professional who has earned the right
to be called one of New Jersey’s leading orthodontists! We offer
the flexibility your schedule needs, the highest quality equipment and methods in the
industry, and a variety of treatment options to make it easy for you to choose what
fits your expectations and lifestyle. We will always make the effort to provide
our patients with the individual time and attention they deserve! If you are looking
for an orthodontic practice that can get you the standard of care you have been
looking for, then look no further. Get in touch with us today to schedule an
appointment with Centerton Orthodontics!

Proudly serving all counties of South Jersey including: Salem County, Cumberland County, and Gloucester County.